Total Hand Sanitiser 21.5" Digital Display Screen

Decrease infections germs on your hands with a automatic hand sanitiser.

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8" Facial Temperature Scanner

Check your temperature with a non contact facial scanner. Identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses.

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Total Hand Sanitiser 21.5” Digital Display

Developed in response to the current COVID-19 Outbreak.

  • 3L Internal Reservoir

    Up to 7500 dispenser operations per fill with adjustable number of dispenses per operation.

  • Auto Dispense

    Infra-Red sensor allows for touch-free dispensing of hand sanitiser of your choice, keeping staff, customers and visitors safe

  • Cloud Connectivity

    Wifi/4G/Ethernet enabled device for connection of your choice

  • Digital Display

    Comes with a 21.5” LCD Display

Interactive Touch Screens

Keep pupils attention in the classroom with a interactive screen. Clear and easy to use making it fun to learn.

Ultra High Bright Digital Screens

Engaging with customers with a high bright screen, showing product information and notices to increase foot flow.